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Home Sweet Home November 13, 2017

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Knitty Keen finally has a permanent home on the web! I’ve been sitting on this domain name for 10 years and I’m finally using it. Check it out!


Here, There, and Everywhere November 3, 2017

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With the new business, I’m expanding into more social media outlets. I’m actually using my Twitter account (@Knittykeen) and I just signed up for Instagram (knittykeen although I don’t know how to access it to post a link). The Times, they are a changin’.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year November 2, 2017

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The Etsy shop is stocked with snowmen ornaments and patterns – use this link – for a 15% coupon. Kits and more to come!


In other knitting news, I finally finished off a pair of Gryffindor scarves for my cousin’s daughter and granddaughter. Written pattern soon to come.


I’m currently working on a Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits for my youngest and several more this season.  I have a lot of work that needs doing to get into full swing.  Knitty Keen business stuff is going well, it’s trying to keep track of it all that’s hard.  With any luck, I’ll have all my licenses and numbers by this time next week and then I can really get to work.


That’s about all the time I have – TTFN!


Long time no see October 20, 2017

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Knitting has been happening but not nearly as much as I’d like. Aside from that, I’m starting my own business! I’ll be giving private lessons and teaching homeschoolers at a local community center. There is so much more involved with getting this set up than I ever dreamed. I need to register with the Feds, the state and the city. I need insurance for the space I rented. Now I have flyers and business cards and soon I’ll actually be using the domain I’ve been sitting on for years. Wish me luck!


I can has stockings! August 7, 2010

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Well stocking to be completely honest and even that is being being frogged back a bit because the foot needs to be a little bit longer.

Here’s a montage of in-progress shots:


Posts of substance to come soon!


Teaser… November 8, 2006

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Here’s a sneak peak at my new pattern which will be going live around Thanksgiving.


Knitting Update October 26, 2006

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I’m supposed to be taking a break from real knitting, but here’s what’s doing:

Ito Maki Pincushions

Ito Maki Pincuchion - Tuna Roll Prototype

Here’s a first look at the Ito Maki Pincushion that I’m designing. I used one of those English-Japanese dictionaries to find the Japanese Word for yarn and “Ito” came up, so my appologies if it is in fact the wrong word. This is the Tuna Roll version. I have a vegetable roll with brown rice on the needles right now and I’m also planning a Salmon Roll and California Roll version as well. It’s knit using Carron Simply Soft acrylic yarn.

Quick and Dirty Stich and Row Markers

Quick and Dirty Stitch and Row Markers

I broke out the pliers and beads the other day to make myself some row and stitch markers. Usually, I just use cut up straws (an idea I got from DIY Network’s Knitty Gritty), but my last black straw is almost gone and I like to have a couple of different colors to mark the begining and midway-point on my knitting. I also hate using a straw segment to mark a row and then have to cut it when I’m finished.

I didn’t have any head pins, so I just made little spirals to hold the beads in place. I really like the way the row markers came out – it’s a long piece of wire bent in half and then formed into to the hook with the ends of the wire bent into spirals. I flirted with making ones that looked more like fish-hooks, but I was afraid the wire would snag my yarn. It was alot of fun making them and my friend K gave me some really pretty beads to make some more.