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Just Checking In November 22, 2017

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Things have not gone to plan with my children’s knitting class so I’m backing off until the new year when I can regroup and start fresh. The Knitty Keen website is up and running, you can check it out here. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.
Knitting is happening, albeit slowly. I’m doing Nakniswemo with a Flax for Thing 2. I have 3″ of body left, then the ribbing, and off to sleeve country. I’m thinking of doing the sleeves 2 at a time but I don’t know if that will make them go faster or slower since I’ve never done it before. At the beginning of the month, I bragged that I was going to do 2 sweaters for Nakniswemo, but now I’ll be lucky to finish one.

Between last night and today I finished the first repeat of A Walk Through Aspens in mal Rios from a very generous swap partner. It’s fun doing cables, especially since they are only 2 and 4 stitch ones so I don’t have to use a cable needle. I still have another sweater to finish, so I won’t be playing with this one too much.
In case you didn’t know, I’m on Instagram now as knittykeen, so check it out for lots of WIP pics.
This is about all the time I have right now, but I promise you”‘ll be getting a finished object post soon. TTFN!


Home Sweet Home November 13, 2017

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Knitty Keen finally has a permanent home on the web! I’ve been sitting on this domain name for 10 years and I’m finally using it. Check it out!


Here, There, and Everywhere November 3, 2017

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With the new business, I’m expanding into more social media outlets. I’m actually using my Twitter account (@Knittykeen) and I just signed up for Instagram (knittykeen although I don’t know how to access it to post a link). The Times, they are a changin’.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year November 2, 2017

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The Etsy shop is stocked with snowmen ornaments and patterns – use this link – for a 15% coupon. Kits and more to come!


In other knitting news, I finally finished off a pair of Gryffindor scarves for my cousin’s daughter and granddaughter. Written pattern soon to come.


I’m currently working on a Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits for my youngest and several more this season.  I have a lot of work that needs doing to get into full swing.  Knitty Keen business stuff is going well, it’s trying to keep track of it all that’s hard.  With any luck, I’ll have all my licenses and numbers by this time next week and then I can really get to work.


That’s about all the time I have – TTFN!


Long time no see October 20, 2017

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Knitting has been happening but not nearly as much as I’d like. Aside from that, I’m starting my own business! I’ll be giving private lessons and teaching homeschoolers at a local community center. There is so much more involved with getting this set up than I ever dreamed. I need to register with the Feds, the state and the city. I need insurance for the space I rented. Now I have flyers and business cards and soon I’ll actually be using the domain I’ve been sitting on for years. Wish me luck!


I’ve finally done it! December 6, 2016

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It’s been 8 years, but I’ve finally published my snowman ornament pattern, available both in my Ravelry store and my Etsy shop.


I’ll do a proper blog post after the holidays, but I just wanted to get this out there. TTFN!


The more things change… January 20, 2016

…the more they stay the same.  I have signed onto yet another Mystery Knit-a-long, this one by a designer new to me called Casapinka.  The shawl is called Welcome Back Garter and looks like it will be interesting based on her other designs.  I won’t be able to start this one for almost a month when funds become available, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.  I’m going to branch out again and use something other than my shawl go-to, Tosh Merino Light.  The colorways just aren’t doing it for me any more so any suggestions for fingering weight yarns would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon my Facebook knitting group is on and make myself a pair of Rose City Rollers – only using ribbing instead of the rolled cuff which I know would drive me crazy.  I have 60+ grams of Tough Love Sock in Honey Fig leftover from The Doodler and I was going to do a pair of No Purl Monkey socks with the Pistachio for the cuffs, heels, and toes, but I can easily get a pair of anklets out of what’s left of the Honey Fig, and I like wearing ankle socks anyway.  One of my knitting New Year’s resolutions is to knit a pair of socks a month so even though I finished a pair already this month, I’m not really counting them because I started them back in November.

In the land of UFO’s (another resolution) – the Grass and Bubblegum shawl is two inches away from being finished.  Just in time to since I’m going to need it in the cold weather since my scarf has gone missing.  I still have The Desolation of Smaug (yeah, that’s how old it is) Mystery Knit-a-long to finish, two other shawls that need to be blocked, and to finish weaving in the ends (oh so many ends) on my Doodler so I need to get on the ball.  Lots to do until the funds are available for Welcome Back Garter.

I’m also treating myself to a set of Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries.  I just got the one with charted designs and it’s very nice.  Some beautiful cable designs – not as pretty as some in the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary but much more practical in my opinion.  I’m hoping for another when my birthday comes along next month, but I’ll have the set before the year is out.

I’ve been staying on top of it, so check the Knitty Keen Facebook page for Work in Progress Wednesday pics and the occasional Finished Object Friday.  Here’s the most recent finished object – my Crazy Zauberball garter rib socks.