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Musings December 27, 2017

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Today I’m knitting a Tin Can Knits Barley hat as a late Christmas present. I realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish it with the skein I was working from, so I went upstairs to find some more yarn. In the obvious place, I found a skein of Red Heart Super Saver and I have a small snob streak that wouldn’t let me make a gift from it. I decided to do some stash diving (literal diving because my stash is in bins all over the house) and I found this long, wide tube knit in stockinette. I have no memory of ever making it and I have no idea what it’s for. I’m pretty sure it’s Lamb’s Pride since it’s a single and I know I had some years ago in that color. It was more than enough to make a hat, so I fogged it and I’m almost at the spot where I stopped the first one. 

I really need to organize my stash. God only knows what other strange things are lurking about the house.