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What’s in the works November 27, 2006

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Here’s what’s doing…

  • Teaser

    This is on a bit of a hiatus. I had hoped to have the pattern go live last week, but I haven’t been able to make the time to finish the pictures and the remaining prototypes. With any luck, it will be up in the next week or two. To tide you over, here’s another sneak peak…

    Teaser part two

  • Socks By the Numbers
    This will be a free download – all the numbers you need to make socks sized from Preemie to shoe size 13. It has stitch counts and lengths for multiple gauges – 9 to 6 stitches per inch, and multiple techniques – toe up (short-row toe with crochet cast-on, figure eight/turkish cast-on), short-row and afterthought heels, and top-down again with short-row and afterthough heels. There are multiple cheat sheets for each combination of techniques where you can copy out the numbers for your gauge and the size sock you wish to make, as well a a sheet that can be used with Knitty’s Universal Toe-up Sock pattern. It’s not really a pattern per-se, but should prove very useful if you want to knit up socks for your 4 year-old nephew and only have his shoe-size.
  • Neck-warmer
    This will be another free download for a simple neck warmer knit in the round. I was planning on making all of the men in my family scarves this year for Christmas but realized that I don’t have that much time. This neck-warmer pattern knits up quickly in a few hours and has some nice stitch variations so it will work for men as well as women. Since I’m still working on the initial prototype, this will most likely be a few more weeks in the making, but with a bit of luck I’ll have it up in enough time for a truly last-minute gift.

There are a few other ideas knocking around in my head, but holiday knitting is taking a definite priority right now so they’ll have to knock around a bit more.